Knock Knock

Genesis and Bel seduce Evan Webber.

It might be the worst movie and performance of Keanu Reeves. Both appearance of protagonist and antagonist are not following logical sequence; make the movie boring and terrible one. With only three main actors and a house as the main venue, the movie directed by Eli Roth seems to be a low-budget one; regardless of the presence of three producers.

It’s all started on the day Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves) being left by his wife and kids on the Father’s Day. He then spends the day working on his project until two girls knocking at the front door. Either Genesis or Bel – the name of the girls – look like prostitutes in appearance though both tell him that they are flight attendants. Both need shelter while waiting for taxi under the rain. They have a chat, and eventually seduce him; lure the family man to have threesome sexual intercourse. Evan, who doesn’t have sex for weeks, finally surrenders himself to blowjob performed by both girls in the bathroom. The terror is started in the next morning.

Genesis and Bell refuse to leave the house and accuse him for having sex with underage women: They tell him that they’re both 15 years old. Evan is then punished. As he wants to save his marriage, he let himself raped by Bel. It lasts for few days until his family back at home.

At the end of the movie, the motif remains unclear, whether the girls do it for money, sex or even for fun. It makes the movie the lousy one.


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