Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne is Vassily, a Russian who tries to find his fortune by joining illegal boxing.

The way espionage visualized into movie should be changed after Jason Bourne, the fifth release of the Bourne film series. This movie seems to be the most representative on espionage, clandestine and covert operation. Inspired by the work of Robert Ludlum, the Bourne film series depicts a story of a man who tries to discover his true identity and deals with anything as the consequence of his findings, both mentally and physically.

Jason Bourne is started by Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) saying himself that he remembers everything; something that implies the man will do everything to gain his birthright. The first thing he does is to survive since having sustainable life seems to be still away from him. For that, under Russian name of Vassily, Jason Bourne immerses himself into illegal fighting. Only that way he can save money to move from place to place. However, his daily routine is changed after Nicky Parson (Julia Stiles) visits him and tells something about his life. In collaboration with Christian Dassault (Vinzenz Kiefer), a German young man who is also the leader of a group of privacy activists, Nicky managed to access CIA mainframe from the group’s base in Reykjavik. By doing the breach, Nicky comes to realize that Jason’s real name is David Webb and his father, Richard Webb (Gregg Henry), is the mastermind of the Treadstone. Her action alarms Heather Lee (Alicia Vikander), an agent in the CIA Cyber Ops Division under Robert Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones), the current director of the agency. Without knowing the reason, Lee seems to be obsessed by Bourne’s case; something that makes Dewey thinks that she has personal reason on him.

What Nicky did has prompted Dewey to activate the Asset (Vincent Cassel) and a number of field agents in Athens. The CIA squad then pursues Jason and Nicky in the middle of social riots in the city. The conversation they have during the run sparks Bourne’s memories about his father; most are the mind-blowing ones. Audience then comes to conclusion that Nicky won’t appear in the Bourne film series since the Asset manages to murder her. Dying, she forbids Jason Bourne to approach her to maintain his safety. Right before the last bullet, Nicky throws a locker key to Jason, who gets more information about Christian Dassault from her notebook eventually. Driven by the need to discover more about his history in Treadstone, Bourne goes to Berlin to have Christian Dassault open the encrypted file for him. There, he finds alternate possibility, i.e. that his father might be assassinated by the CIA. He then moves to London to meet Malcolm Smith (Bill Camp), the man who was responsible for his father’s safety back in Beirut. Bourne does all of this under the physical threat of Dewey’s Asset and the field agents.

Amazed by Bourne’s performance, Lee conducts her own initiative; believing that she will be able to bring Bourne back to the agency. For that, she asks Dewey’s permission to go to London with one condition; that the Asset is not allowed to make a move beyond her order. But, Dewey has his own plans. He tells the Asset to pursue Bourne himself and kill him and Malcolm Smith onsite; something that drives the Asset brutally murders all of the field agents who accompany him in the London mission. Malcolm dies, eventually, and Bourne remembers that it was the Asset that killed his father in Beirut back then after having a glimpse of his face. On the other hand, Dewey thinks that what Nicky did implies that the CIA mainframe needs fix. He then forces Aaron Kalloor (Riz Ahmed), the CEO and founder of Deep Dream, a social media enterprise funded by the Central Intelligence Agency in order to gain user data in accordance with the next Dewey’s mission. The next Dewey’s mission is to murder Aaron since the man refuses to perform another co-operation with the agency. Dewey orders the murder in Vegas, in a venue in which Aaron Kalloor being the speaker. Lee, who has understood the Vegas incident, gives Bourne American passport so that he could pass the immigration and heading to the venue to meet the killer of his father. What she has to do next is to make sure Bourne is successfully persuaded to make a comeback to the agency.

Jason Bourne has successfully depicted a story of a field agent betrayed by his own agency. The story is so human and natural that manages to make clear distinction with movies of the same idea. Different from other Bourne film series, Jason Bourne portrays balanced story. Audience can clearly see the emotional relationship between Nicky and Bourne right before his former lover dies by the spray of bullets shot by the Asset. We can’t deny the fact that Nicky wants the better for Bourne. It is such spirit that drove her to gain information about Bourne; and reminds him about his life. It is Nicky that drives him to make meaningful act towards the agency and also the man who had murdered his father. It can be said that Jason Bourne is a story about revenge, an ultimate revenge conducted by a man to claim his birthright. However, Paul Greengrass, the director, manages to visualize it in unconventional and breathtaking ways.


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