Independence Day: Resurgence

David and former President Whitmore watching the 2nd wave alien invasion after 20 years of brutal attack on Earth.

Alien invasion which took place 20 years ago has altered the way nations worldwide in perceiving threat coming from outside the Earth. It suggests a number of international initiatives such as the establishment of ESD (Earth Space Defense), an early warning system for the Earth on which the Moon is the base. Such initiatives make use alien technology developed by scientists worldwide, while the crews of the ESD, for instance, consist of chosen ones from every nation.

It is a common and regular day on the ESD when there’s sudden change on the Moon’s atmosphere. A mysterious spherical object comes near the base which responded by Commander Jiang Lao (Ng Chin Han) with number of shoots after having discourses with few world leaders. At the same time, there are many changes on Earth. David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) leads an expedition to the Africa, visiting a site belongs to the territory of Dikembe Umbutu (Deobia Oparei), a warlord of Congo who has been leading anti-alien resistance group since the first attack. He meets his former lover, Catherine (Charlotte Gainsbourg), who is trying to unearth psychological change upon Umbutu for the last few moments. Former President Whitmore (Bill Pullman) also experiences a series of nightmare, while Dr. Okun (Brent Spiner) awakes after years of comma since the attack.

To their surprise, the spherical object seems to be a friendly one since it’s a big alien ship comes not long after the ESD crews had the shoot. David, who is trying to discover more about the relationship of those events, asks Jake Morrison (Liam Hemsworth), a ESD crew based in the Moon, to pick him up on Earth together with Dikembe, Catherine and Floyd Rosenberg (Nicolas Wright) to investigate the spherical object closer and take it if it’s possible. To their surprise, the big alien ship is similar to the one which attacked the Earth 20 years ago. The mothership then attacks the ESD, killing all the crews including commander Jiang Lao who is the uncle of Rain (Angelababy), a Chinese pilot of the ESD to whom Charlie Ritter (Travis Tope) has crush. Something worst happen then: The mothership goes to the Earth and destroys everything, especially on the east Pacific. Only few survives, and the strike kills Elizabeth Lanford (Sela Ward), the current US president, along with all her men in the bunker. This situation puts General Joshua Adams (William Fichtner) as the acting president and leads the mission to strike back the invading alien. Everyone is actively involved in the mission, including Dylan Dubrow-Hiller (Jessie Usher), son of Steven Hiller who had destroyed the mothership with David Levinson in the previous movie. Whitmore, who wants to save her daughter, Patricia Whitmore (Maika Moore), sacrifices his life by putting the fusion bomb on the mothership, to let the Queen of the Alien come from her hiding.

For a continuation, Independence Day: Resurgence is a captivating movie. The movie feels like having a fast pace due to its interesting performance. Audience will be kept away from being bored despite the fact that it has predictable outcomes: i.e. the alien will be successfully defeated. The heroic initiatives are conducted globally by showing that the U.S. plays the role of international leader instead of the one and only superpower. The drama is quite moving, and brought into reasonable scenes; something that makes it more interesting to see.


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