I am Wrath

Stanley Hill seeks revenge for brutal murder of his wife by a gang of robber.

For some, it is something common seeing criminals at large. But, when it comes to corrupt politician and policemen, most will do anything necessary to make sure the presence of workable justice, on their own. This is one of the morals of I Am Wrath, the most recent movie starred by John Travolta. Unable to cope with the tragic murder of his beloved wife before his eyes, he seeks revenge to gain his personal and emotional contentment.

Stanley Hill (John Travolta) is a retired high-rank military intelligence who is now working as sales manager. He has now happy family with Vivian Hill (Rebecca De Mornay), a secretary to the Governor Meserve (Patrick St. Esprit), after promising her not to go back to his previous occupation. Something tragic occurs on the parking lot where Vivian parks their car. She is stabbed to death by Charley (Luis Da Silva) in front of Stanley. The couple is one their way home after Vivian picks him up from the airport. Stanley then goes to police where Detective Gibson (Sam Tremmel) welcomes him with standard salute. However, Gibson and his partner do nothing what it takes to put Charley to jail after Stanley plays the role of witness. Fueled by anger, Stanley plans to put justice on its place by himself. But, he is lucky to have Dennis (Christopher Meloni), his former colleague, who gives him valuable information and physical back up needed. It is quite hard for him to listen to Dennis at first. An incident on which the life of his daughter Abbie Hill (Amanda Schull) and her family are threatened makes him believe that he is playing with something big. Prior to killing Charley he gets a message that his beloved wife was involved with something big that succumbs the Governor’s career.

It is quite entertaining to see John Travolta’s come back in I Am Wrath. Playing as a family man with killer instinct is not something new for him. I Am Wrath is basically a drama movie, but Chuck Russell manages to put action into; making it richer in character and more natural. Audience swayed by Stanley’s ability to perform justice by himself; his intelligence in finding places of Charley and his gang whereabouts. Amanda Schull also plays superb role; she shows herself a strong daughter of a strong man. I Am Wrath shows the price of friendship also. Stanley should thank Dennis a lot after something disappointing he did to his barber friend in the past.


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