Hitman: Agent 47

Agent 47 and Katia trying to release Litvenko.

What is the use of ability if you don’t know your history? This fact haunts Katia (Hannah Ware) and forces her to conduct her own research on her parents.

While trying to get the truth, she is approached by John Smith who tells her that 47 is on the way to kill her and offers protection. It is from Smith Katia knows some facts about Litvenko, her father. She uses the information to trace and conclude the presence of his father in South East Asia.

As time goes by, 47 manages to tell Katia that both are part of the same program; It’s only Katia has more ability than him. 47 then trains her to make the most of the gift. Eventually, with 47, Katia finds her father who suffers from arthritis rheumatoid.

However, Smith captures Litvenko and puts him in custody. Smith is then known as part of the Syndicate, an international crime organization. The goal of the Syndicate is to extract information from Litvenko on how to create super-human.

47 and Katia then come to save Litvenko. They engage in series of actions and finally defeat the Syndicate. What seems to be main problem is Smith, who is impervious to bullets. At the end of the movie, Litvenko commits suicide by detonating the helicopter in which he and the boss of the Syndicate be the passengers. He uses inhaler given by 47.


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