Finding Dory

Dory and Marlin at Mr. Ray’s school.

Friendship becomes valuable when it comes to overcome the personal need of one of the parties. At that point, loyalty plays its role. This is the moral of Finding Dory, the recent movie in which Albert Brooks has his voice as Marlin, Nemo’s father.

From the first film, Finding Nemo, audience has been familiar with Dory (Ellen DeGeneres/Sloane Murray/Lucia Geddes), whose memory lasts less than 10 seconds since suffers from short term memory lost. Now, in the Finding Dory, she suffers from existential problem also. After visiting the school of Mr. Ray (Bob Peterson), she has the intention to find her parents after a series of fragments of past memories haunts her. Marlin (Albert Brooks) whose traumatic experience for losing Nemo (Hayden Rolence) questions her mission at first, worrying with the outcomes since Dory doesn’t have adequate cognitive ability to conquer the ocean. However, words from Nemo have reminded him the importance of the mission, not only for Dory, but also Marlin himself. An incident occurs, which puts Nemo in danger. Marlin gets angry and leaves Dory alone doing the adventure. Then, she arrives at Marine Life Institute where she finds acquaintances who help her accomplish the mission.

Similar to the first film, Finding Dory is full of emotional touch and wonderful values for kids. The fact that Dory doesn’t have enough capacity to memorize many things makes her entertaining. Children will find this movie amusing and captivating for colorful appearance of the movies and cute characters along the cinema. However, Andrew Stanton, the director, doesn’t forget the importance of story and plot, and he successfully puts all of them into Finding Dory well. The only way to test his work is only by seeing this movie, which is highly recommended for those who try to seek alternatives of amusement.


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