Dark Places

Ben Day and Diondra Wertzner in Dark Places.

Poverty and nowhere-to-run situation encourage anyone to take dramatic decision. This is the central theme of Dark Places, recent Charlize Theron’s movie. The drama and mystery movie depicts the life of Libby Day (Charlize Theron) 30 years after the brutal murder of her family with Ben Day (Corey Stoll), her brother as the only suspect.

Running out of money, Libby who lives from donation eventually accepts an offer from Lyle Wirth (Nicholas Hoult) to tell the truth about the murder. Furthermore, the member of an amateur criminal investigators club – named The Kill Club – asks her to testify before his community members. The club feels something odd regarding the murder and thinks that Ben is less-likely to do such brutal killing. The fact that Ben’s files in police department will be shredded within 3 weeks – which means that Ben will be sentenced without having possibilities for re-investigations – has forced Libby to conduct her own investigations with hints given by Wirth.

She then visits Ben in jail and digs up past memories. Some painful memories about her families suggest that Ben is innocent and has been in jail for 28 years to protect someone. She also tries to find Runner, her father, to get another clues. Other names pop-up then, i.e. Trey Teepano and Diondra Wertzner. Both seem to have relationship with Ben in doing Satanic worship in their teenage years prior to the murder. By the time Libby finds Diondra, she discovers that Diondra was there at the time of the killing – and suspects her for killing Michelle Day, her sister.

By the end of the movie, police finally catches Calvin Diehl (Jeff Chase). The man is engaged in serial murder and supposed to kill her mother – a single parent back then – and Debby Day. Libby has to deal with new fact that her mother, Patty Day (Christina Hendricks), may take tragic move in order to manifest useful death for her family.


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