Brain surgery has successfully implanted Bill Pope’s memory onto Jericho’s.

Kevin Costner is back! Playing in his recent action movie entitled Criminal, the actor shows that being older doesn’t make him lose his capacity to perform physical action. Together with male actors such as Liam Neeson and Bruce Willis, he manages to prove their charisma by engaging in action movies regardless of his age. However, different from his previous works, Kevin is now a criminal turns into a decent CIA agent after having a brain surgery.

The story is started by Bill Pope (Ryan Reynolds), a CIA agent, being chased by Xavier Heimdahl (Jordi Molla) and his troops for trying to save Jan Strook or The Dutchman (Michael Pitt), a talented computer programmer. Xavier requires Jan to surrender the program he successfully built which has the capability to penetrate any defense system. Unfortunately, Xavier gets Bill and kills him eventually. Knowing the importance of Bill’s memory, Quaker Wells (Gary Oldman), head of CIA station in London, calls Dr. Frank (Tommy Lee Jones) to conduct brain surgery to implant Bill’s memory to anyone he wants. Dr. Frank has no other option but a notorious criminal named Jericho Stewards (Kevin Costner) whose brain system is considered as the most appropriate for the operation.

It takes few moments only for Jericho to recognize that there are two memories in his body. Being confused, he finally comes to the Bill’s to find the necessary documents and money to offer to Jan. Over times, there’s a conflict of morality within his head, and slowly but sure Jericho understands and performs Bill’s habit, skill and capability which making him easily acknowledged by Xavier. His only next mission is then trying to save Jill Pope (Gal Gadot), Bill’s wife, and Emma, Bill’s daughter, and also making sure that Jan Strook gets what he wants.

For those who longing for above average blend of drama and action, Criminal is the best choice. In addition to its interesting plot and emotionally evoking performance, it is the transfer of memory at the core of the movie. It is hard for Jericho to accept the fact that it’s other guy that has his head at first – so hard that he comes to Dr. Frank to ask for medication in order to erase Bill’s memory from his head. However, Jericho, who was diagnosed as having no adequate emotional capacity to perform empathy, shows that he has it eventually by sacrificing his life to save those who strange to him, like Emma and Jill Pope. Criminal has left intriguing philosophical question, such as the relationship between mind and body: something that makes it interesting to see and to contemplate after the movie has ended.


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