Alice Through the Looking Glass

Iracebeth is longing for The Chronosphere, something belongs to Time. She wants it to get her life back.

Shocking incident has the ability to change the way we perceive everything. The world has become worse than ever when it happens since, at that moment, we are lack of self-confidence. Anybody who finds someone to boost that innate spirit of human’s life is considered lucky. This has been the central theme of the Alice Through the Looking Glass, the latest Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie and the sequel to the Alice in Wonderland made in 2010.

Having shown herself as a brave and successful naval captain of East India Company (EIC), Alice Kingsleigh (Mia Wasikowska) is shocked after knowing the fact that her mother has sold 10 percent of his father’s stock to her former lover, Hamish Ascot (Lee Bill). The mother, Helen Kingsleigh (Lindsay Duncan), wants her daughter to have normal life like common woman of her era. She must stop being a captain, and surrender to Hamish’s offer to become a clerk, which is an uncommon job for a woman in England at that time. Unable to deal with that fact, she hears the voice of Absolem (Alan Rickman). Then she follows The Butterfly to the working room of Hamish’s father. Absolem then disappears through a mysterious mirror hanged on the wall of the room, which later provides entry to the Underland.

Coming to the world, she is welcomed by her friends such as Princess Mirana (Anne Hathaway), Cheshire Cat (Stephen Fry), White Rabbit (Michael Sheen), Bloodhound (Timothy Spall), Dormouse (Barbara Windsor), March Hare (Paul Whitehouse) and Tweedledum and Tweedledee (Matt Lucas). She is told that Hatter (Johny Depp) is not well after one day he discovered a small hat, the first small hat, he made for his father. Finding the item, Hatter thinks that his family is still alive after the attack of the Jabberwocky. He then asks her help to find his family, something Alice considers impossible to do. Hatter is then irritated, telling that she is not the Alice he knows. After talking with her friends about what Hatter wants, Princess Mirana tells her that Alice can do the favor. What she needs to do is to come to Time (Sacha Baron Cohen) to borrow Chronosphere. It is the heart of the Great Clock, and can be used to travel by time and change anything in the past. However, she should not let the same person meets either in the past or future. If it happens, then this world will collapse.

However, Time can’t give her what she needs. But, Alice manages to get it right in time when Iracebeth (Helena Bonham Carter) visits Time, her lover. After a series of time travels, in which Time pursues her, Alice concludes that Iracebeth has kidnapped Hatter’s family. All she needs to do then is to come to her palace in order to save the Hightopp’s.

It is quite entertaining to see Alice Through the Looking Glass. In addition to its superb picture (thanks to Disney’s technology), it is rich in values and philosophical thoughts. James Robin, the director, has been successful in transforming the Lewis Carroll’s written works into movie suitable either for kids or for adults. The story is rather complicated for a simple ending. Started by the day in which Mirana lied the truth about the cake incident, Alice Trough the Looking Glass is ended by Mirana being honest to her sister, Iracebeth, who has been waiting for years for the confession.


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